TclBitPrint & Tkpath

This SourceForge project consists of two modules, tclbitprint and tkpath. The tclbitprint module is the default one. You need to specify tkpath as the module if you want to check out this.

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This is a Mac OS X only printing extension so far, but is flexible enough to allow native dialog code etc. for other platforms. See docs for maccarbonprint. It is already included in the distributions from ActiveState and AquaTk.


This package implements path drawing modelled after its SVG counterpart, see See the doc directory for more info. It is still very early in the development (version 0.1).

There are five backends used for drawing. They are all platform specific except for the Tk drawing which uses only the API found in Tk. This backend is very limited and has some problems with multiple subpaths. It is only to be used as a fallback when the cairo backend is missing.

The backends:

  1. CoreGraphics for Mac OS X, built using ProjectBuilder
  2. GDI for Win32, built by VC++7 (.NET)
  3. GDI+ for WinXP, built by VC++7 (.NET), runs also on older system using the gdiplus.dll
  4. cairo (, built using the automake system; the and files are a hack, so please help yourself (and me)
  5. Tk drawing, fallback for cairo mainly, very basic
I could think of one more backend based on X11 that has more features than the compatibility layer of Tk, since the fallback is only necessary on unix systems anyway.

Very basic documentation.



There are no releases of this package but you can get the prebuilt libraries for the common platforms directly by browsing CVS: